The ScribbleNFT Digital Asset Trading Platform offers state-of-the-art service for cryptocurrency traders and global liquidity providers.

The platform is to be built on the 5th generation of the cross-chain public network - unifying the depth of order books from more than 75 crypto exchanges within the ScribbleNFT blockchain.

The distributed server clusters around the world provides the seamless trading experiences for each customer, from beginners to institutional traders. Worldwide coverage, flexible payment options, and 24/7 support are accompanied by time-proven platform robustness and stability that guarantees safety of assets and data.

Blockchain Technology Overview

Our mission is to enable billions of people around the world to benefit from the blockchain technology in their daily life. This, however, places extremely high standards on the transaction speed, function scalability, operating costs and security of the entire system. We are now incorporating the latest 'Ransom Ware' technology, making the ScribbleNFT Digital Asset Trading Platform, the most secure in the industry.

Scalable Blockchain

The ScribbleNFT blockchain is a scalable, high performance distributed value exchange network. ScribbleNFT is a leading blockchain project with the most advanced concepts and technologies, including but not limited to the most efficient consensus algorithm- BCA, the first cross-chain implementation-BCCP for commercial applications and industrial-grade extendable side-chain implementation-BSCP

Consensus Agreement

The SCA (ScribbleNFT Consensus Agreement) consists of two major mechanisms: DRPOS (Delegated-Revenue-POS) and CBP (Consensus-before-Packing).

Cross-Chain Protocol

SCCP (ScribbleNFT Cross-Chain Protocol) is the first cross-chain protocol truly put into operation, which anchors assets on other public chains through smart contracts/scripts. SSCP (ScribbleNFT Side-Chain Protocol) enables developers to create more vertical side-chain scenarios, which makes the blockchain platform much more flexible and scalable.

The core application scenario of ScribbleNFT is the decentralized exchange:

  • Users can enjoy the experience of a near-centralized exchange while ensuring asset security
  • Partners can open their own decentralized exchange effortlessly
  • Secure from Ransomware Takeovers

Tech Stack

Block Technologies

  • C++

Server Technologies

  • Micro Services based on SpringBoot/SpringCloud
  • Continuous Integration and delivery
  • Kubernetes Cluster Management
  • API Gateway
  • Public Market Data Service
  • User Private Data Service
  • Admin Statistic Data Service

 Main Front-end technologies:

  • Vue (HTML, SCSS, Javascript)
  • SSR and PWA Mode based on Quasar Framework
  • High Performance Crypto Library based on WASM
  • Global Accelerator based on CloudFlare


Project Scope & Milestones

  • ScribbleNFT Security Token Development
  • ICO Platform (501c Fund Raising Platform)
  • Crypto Wallet System
  • Crypto Exchange Platform
  • Admin Back Office
  • Life-long Technical Support and Maintenance

Function List

Account System



Registration Phone number registration, email registration
Login  Login using password
2FA Verification  Set email/phone number/Google Authentication for the security of important operations such as login, security settings modification, withdrawal and so on.
Multiple Language Support The page will use the default language of user's browser automatically and users can switch between 10+ languages.

Multi-Crypto Wallet



Crypto Deposit Non-custodial wallet and fast deposit without manual check
Crypto Withdraw  Non-custodial wallet and fast withdraw without manual check
Fund List  Display the available amount, frozen amount and total amount of user's assets
Fund Details Record user's top-up, cash withdrawal, transfer and other historical asset operations
Top-up  Support the top-up of fiat currency (It requires Client to provide the third-party gateway of fiat currency)
Address Management Save frequently used addresses

 Crypto Exchange Platform



Market Selection Support multi-market, optional coin pairs display and automatic conversion of token price into fiat currency price
K-Line Chart  Integrate Trading View with analysis tools
Order Book  Display list of orders
Limit Order Conduct a trading at the price specified by the user
Market Order  Complete trading at the best price
Order History Display all trading records
Referral System  Display all trading records Encourage users to invite new users into the platform and share the commission

ICO Platform (501c Fund Raising Platform)



Security Token List List Client's security token or other tokens
Token Price Adjustment Token price management in the ICO stage
Multiple Crypto Support  Support Users to purchase the ICO token with multiple cryptocurrency

Admin Dashboard/Back Office



Role Management Assign different permissions to different administrators
User Management Check user account details
Order Management  Inquire and export users' spot trading orders
Deposit & Withdraw Record the deposit and withdrawal statistic data of different assets of users
Fee Settings  Set the fees of assets' withdrawal; set trading fee for each user
Deposit Statistics Report of deposit of different assets in custom periods
Withdrawal Statistics  Report of withdraw of different assets in custom periods
Login Statistics Data of user login activities
Trading Statistics Statistics on transactions of different assets, including order quantity and volume in custom periods
Capital Statistics The assets information on the user's account
Landing Page Carousel Manage the banner carousel pictures on the home page of the exchange
Footer Management Change the content and links on the footer
Header Change the content and links on the header
Thumbnail Management Change the image and content of the website thumbnail
Logo Management Manage the logo and favicon of the website
Social Media Management Manage the content and link of the social media
Privacy Management Create privacy content page of the exchange

Multi-Crypto Wallet



KYC (Know Your Client) Institute or individual; manually or automatically

Security Features Description

  • AES 256 Multi-encryption Support
  • Assets Locking by Smart Contract/Script Address
  • DDOS & Ransomware Protection
  • Monitoring Program and Automatic Alarm
  • Blockchain Ecosystem Intelligence
  • Transaction Analytics Platform
  • Crypto Ransom Response
  • 2FA Verification - Email/Phone/Google Authenticator

Technical Service Requirements

System Go-Live Deployment Services

 Service Categories


SaaS Deployment Configuration SaaS go-live configuration and deployment related technical support
Go-Live Acceptance Support Go-Live Acceptance Support
System Training Pre-launch System Training

Technical Support

 Service Categories


System Operation Monitoring 24/7 Customer Service
System Quality Assurance 24/7 Customer Service
Technical Repair Abnormal Conditions Ordinary abnormality response within 12 hours after discovery
System Upgrades According to the version upgrade situation, negotiate and arrange upgrades
Online Support Support and Consultation at 12/5

Other Services

 Service Categories


Customized R&D According to each customization
Public Chain Custody Development According to each customization
Public Chain Custom Support According to each customization


 Service Categories


Server Hosting Provided by 3rd Party Server Hosting Company TBD
Server Cost Born by us as well as all costs of servers and bandwidth
Server Operations In-House Information Technology Department
Server Security In-House Information Technology Department

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