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 Super-Apps Are Inevitable

"I'm convinced that constructing a U.S. Super-App is the strategic-imperative of the next decade and could result in the first $10 trillion company"

New York Magazine, NYU Professor - Scott Galloway

 Executive Summary

Problem: Today's fragmented POS and lack of universal wallets means poor checkouts, rewards and support experiences for people and poor conversion, retention and LTV for brands

Solution: A U.S. Super-App Platform where brands offer 1-Tap Pay Rewards & Engagement across channels without needing to change POS, and consumers control their private universal wallets to interact and transact seamlessly everywhere. FC Loop is building such a Super-App Platform, with powerful patents even Big Tech will have to license.

FC Loop is like the real estate developer for a digital super-mall located inside of customers' private universal wallets, we earn money by facilitating rather than disintermediating. 

Fragmented Wallets, Rewards, Engagement Hurts Experiences & Profits

No Universal Wallets Across POS:

  1. More Cumbersome Checkouts
  2. Lower Conversions, Higher COA

No Universal Rewards & Support:

  1. Incompatible Rewards, Many Apps
  2. Poor Customer Support = Low LTV

 New Demand for Web3 Privacy

  1. Today 1 key for Everyone's Data
  2. High Identity Fraud & SPAM

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