The main idea is designing a hub of distinctive spaces which will have the power of healing it‘s users.

It will provide the facilities of a five star hotel and beside that it will give the guests an opportunity to heal themselves. It will be a symbol of peace and calmness in the middle of the chaotic city life, as a very close representative of nature with the elements like – foliage of trees, water, hill etc. The essence of the tropical hill forest will soothe the both, body and mind. An experience of the light, height and sound will begin to write a new poem of life. It will not be a hotel only, it will be more, more towards the nature, more inside the nature.

Conceptual 5 Star Luxury Hotel and Spa

Project Brief & Background

With the expansion of Mendocino's Cannabis Economy, the demand for hotels will be increasing. The existing hotels are inadequate to fulfil demands of the growing number of guests in Mendocino. Mendocino 200 quality rooms at its existing motels which are not enough for catering to the need of the guests.

$120 M 5 Star Luxury Hotel and Spa

Catering to the cannabis community as well as the luxury, high end spa patron, a 200+ Room Luxury Hotel is planned for one of the largest, single, contiguous beach front properties left in California.


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