The sovereign sanctity of the world’s nations, kingdoms, tribes and clans has been limited, reduced and in some cases removed altogether.

This has come about through dishonorable and corrupt activities, control structures, laws and treaty agreements, put in place by previous global leaders and trustees. At this present time, the restoration of sovereign status is an essential first step in bringing fair, equitable and balanced power to the world. Upon request, The Kingdom of Manna is willing to provide advice and support to the reigning Royal Monarch of any nation in any matters related to reestablishing their sovereign status and rights.

Sovereign Citizen

Naturally, every individual, both male and female, of all species is born sovereign. All human beings are thus born Monarchs meaning that they are sovereign citizens from birth of their respective nations, kingdoms, tribes, clans or language groups.

All people possess their own body, mind, emotions and soul - which only they have full authority over. Individual sovereignty does however come with great responsibility. Freedom, sovereignty and responsibility are deeply intertwined principles, and as a result, one cannot truly have sovereignty without freedom and responsibility. Thus, all individuals are responsible and liable for their own actions, choices and intentions, and are bound by the laws of the sovereign entity and/or sovereign nation/kingdom to which they belong.

In the same way parents and guardians are responsible for their children; the leaders, rulers and chiefs, being Royal Monarchs, are responsible for the health and well-being of their sovereign entities, sovereign nations or sovereign kingdoms.

Children are supported, nurtured and guided from the time they are born to develop naturally on all levels. The primary care and guidance comes from the child’s parents, guardians or elders, and as the child engages more with the wider community, they gain access to learning, education and culturally appropriate systems that are provided by the local community, the sovereign entity and/or the sovereign nation in which they reside.

Every individual has the right to live in a safe, healthy and abundant environment at all levels with access to the necessary tools, education, guidance, systems and practices that enhance their ability to be able to pursue their own careers, life paths and dreams. Individuals are provided appropriate support to advance their understanding of the laws, traditions, customs and responsibilities of their family, community, sovereign entity and the sovereign nation or kingdom in which they reside.

Sovereign Entity

Sovereign Entity – Tribe, Moiety, Clan or Language Group

All original tribes, moieties, clans or language groups are sovereign entities unto themselves, and all have an inherent right to self-determination, self-reliance, and self-governance.

The chief or leader of a sovereign entity, be it man or woman, is the Royal Monarch of the sovereign entity, as well as a sovereign citizen of the sovereign entity. This means they are the legal representative of their sovereign entity. Acting for and on behalf of the sovereign entity, the Royal Monarch, through their authorisation by autograph, thumbprint and seal can enter into treaties and agreements with other sovereignties.

All sovereign entities have the right and responsibility to protect, preserve and enhance their culture, language, customs, law/lore, art, and medicine as well as their religion, ceremonies, sacred sites, homelands and waterways.

All sovereign entities can hold their own private ground, facilities and sovereign entity structures within their homelands. This strengthens their capacity to restore and enhance themselves in any areas they feel necessary, on their journey to becoming fully self-sustainable on all levels, while living in balance with nature, and while building mutually beneficial and peaceful relations with their neighboring sovereign entities and the sovereign nation within which they reside.

Sovereign Nation or Kingdom

All countries are regarded as sovereign nations or kingdoms and have an inherent right to self-determination, self-reliance and self-governance. Sovereign nations and kingdoms have the right to hold and to protect their own sovereign ground, sovereign territories or sovereign districts, laws, currency, central banks, national banks, embassies, military, police, intelligence agencies, border security systems, international airports, ports, harbors and more.

The leader or head of a nation/kingdom, be it man or woman, is the Royal Monarch and official legal representative of the nation, as well as a sovereign citizen of that nation. Acting for and on behalf of the sovereign nation, the Royal Monarch, through their authorization by autograph, thumbprint and seal can freely enter into any treaties, agreements and alliances with other sovereignties.

All sovereign nations and kingdoms have the right and responsibility to protect, preserve and enhance their culture, language, customs, law, art, science, medicine and technology etc.

The Earth

The Earth is a sovereign being unto itself. The Earth is not owned by any one, or anything. All species on Earth, including all of mankind, are sovereign unto themselves, each having a direct physical connection to the Earth. Collectively, humanity has a duty of care

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